In this example we will look how to create ssh tunnel to by pass firewall restriction. We will look into forwarding ssh and rdp traffic on different ports.
Tunnelling is very much like port forwarding. UDP and TCP port is created that forwards traffic to another machine. The huge advantage of using this technique is that traffic will be completely encrypted.

1. We have home Linux based system with IP address located on our home private network.
2. We have linux based jump box in the office with public ip address – connection may be NATed via firewall to private IP.
3. We have 2 servers that we will use as examples for creating tunnel for Remote Desktop RDP to Windows server( and ssh connection for Linux system(
Making ssh connection via port 5555 to internal network

ssh -L 5555: root@

ssh localhost -p 5555

Making RDP connection via port 5556 to internal network

ssh -L 5556: root@

rdesktop localhost:5556